Indianapolis Colts: 30 greatest players in franchise history

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Tarik Glenn, Indianapolis Colts
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46. . Offensive Tackle. 1997-2006. Tarik Glenn. 19. player

There haven’t been too many offensive tackles to assert themselves as stars for the Colts over the years. While there have been a couple of offensive linemen better than him in franchise history, Tarik Glenn certainly earned his place among the best.

One of the most impressive left tackles to ever call Indianapolis home, Glenn was one of the most consistent, dependable blindside blockers in Colts history. Spending his entire career protecting Manning’s backside, he earned three trips to the Pro Bowl as a result of his dominant play and ability to keep opposing pass rushers at bay.

Glenn played an important role in the Colts’ run to the Super Bowl in 2006. Although he eventually lost his passion for playing football, he left his mark in Indianapolis before calling it quits.

There’s a reason Glenn was drafted 19th overall during the 1997 NFL Draft. The Colts needed someone to keep their quarterbacks clean and upright, and that’s exactly what he spent all 10 of his NFL seasons doing extremely well.