Which Colts Players to Draft on Your Fantasy Team


With the regular season inching ever closer, fantasy drafts are starting. Which Colts players might be able to help you win your league?

Fantasy football has taken over our sports society. It has grown very large over the last few years. Everyone wants to win their league and have bragging rights over their friends. With that in mind, which players from the Colts can help you win your league.

The player who can probably help the most is T.Y. Hilton. He is a top shelf wide receiver, and his numbers should only improve from last season now that he has his starting quarterback back. Hilton should help you out, and you should be able to get a good deal on him, drafting him in the fifth round or later in most leagues.

Andrew Luck is the next player to watch. With him coming back from injury, a lot of owners will be scared off from drafting him. Luck is a low risk high reward draft pick. He has the possibility of gaining a lot of points for you if he can stay healthy.

Jack Doyle is another solid fantasy option. He can be a number one tight end on your squad. He will catch a lot of balls, so he will be especially valuable in PPR leagues. Doyle is a reliable target, and is in the second tier in terms of best tight ends you can draft.

Eric Ebron is also someone to watch. He could be a late round flier that you take. Ebron has a lot of talent, but hasn’t been able to put it all together yet. But with a new quarterback throwing him the ball, he could be useful near the goal line. He could garner some decent touchdown numbers.

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These are all Colts players to keep an eye on during your drafting season. All should be relatively reliable, except for Ebron.