Colts Fans Shouldn’t Overreact About Tonight’s Game


Tonight is the first game of the year for the Colts, a preseason game against the Seahawks. Fans shouldn’t overreact one way or the other based on the team’s performance though.

Tonight, football is back! This is the first Colts game since they ended last season with a win against the Texans back in late December. Now the team can look forward to a new season. But it is still just the first game of the preseason, so expectations need to be tempered.

This first game should yield excitement for fans and players alike. There are players who are fighting for roster spots who need to play well in this game. And then there are the starters who are trying to tune up for the regular season.

Now matter how the Colts play tonight, fans shouldn’t overreact to what they see. Andrew Luck could throw for 200 yards and 3 touchdowns in 3 series. Or he could throw 3 interceptions. Either way, it’s just one game. And it’s the first game.

There are certainly some things that fans can take away though. If, for example, Luck did play that well that would be looked at as a good start in his comeback from injury. If he did throw interceptions, then it would be of slight concern. But no more than that in either direction.

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The game is on late tonight, so some Colts fans might not be able to watch it. But we will be covering the game on Twitter, and there will be articles written tomorrow all day to analyze everything that happens. We promise to not overreact too.