Colts’ Andrew Luck has no Limitations in Training Camp


GM Chris Ballard said today that the franchise quarterback will have no restrictions going into training camp.

This is the news that Colts fans have been waiting for. Andrew Luck will enter training camp with no restrictions. He will be taking starters reps as well during camp. This is huge news and should put to rest a lot of fears that fans have about Luck’s health.

Ballard did say that Luck would take a few days off periodically during camp to rest. This is nothing significant, it’s just to make sure that Luck’s workload isn’t too much before the start of the season. Other than that, he is a full go.

The biggest news is that he is going to be taking starters reps. That is huge. That allows Luck to continue his chemistry with the first unit and help him get back into the swing of things. The more continuity he can have the better before the start of the season.

Ballard also said that Luck looks pretty good throwing the football right now. That is also good to hear if you are a Colts fan. This isn’t totally unexpected, as Luck had been throwing on his own for awhile now. But it’s always good to hear that he has continued to make progress.

With Luck being declared essentially fully healthy, that allows the coaching staff to focus on other areas that need more attention. They also know that Luck can take more of the offensive load compared to backup Jacoby Brissett. So they can game plan specifically for Luck’s offense.

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Hopefully Luck continues to get stronger and get better. Luck has had an opportunity to learn more mental things of the game, so that could translate to him having a big year.