Marlon Mack Could be a Breakout Star Next Season for Colts


The second year back had a stellar rookie season, showing flashes of big play ability. Under a new system, Mack has a chance to flourish.

A new system means something different for every player. They have to adapt to a new style of play, and that new style doesn’t always gel with a player’s skill set. That could not be farther from the truth in the case of Marlon Mack.

Mack was one of the few players on the Colts’ roster who showed big play capabilities whenever he touched the ball. He ran hard, showed some shiftiness and speed, and was able to gain big chunks of yards with the ball in his hands. That should only increase next season.

As a rookie, Mack was the backup to Frank Gore. Mack was used in a lot of passing situations and was given the ball on screen passes. In this new offensive system, he will be moving all over the field to try to get him in mismatches. Mack should have a field day doing so.

Most second year players are able to make a sizable leap in production from their rookie years. The game slows down a little bit, and they aren’t as scared to make mistakes. As a running back, Mack will be able to see holes better, and should be able to make quicker decisions.

Expect to see Mack much more involved in the offense next season. Now that Gore is gone, he is the featured back. He also will be more involved in the passing game. Mack has great hands and open field speed. That helps the Colts exploit mismatches when he is matched up against a linebacker.

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Colts fans should be excited to see progress out of Mack. He could have a leap to be a borderline Pro Bowl player if everyone on the offense stays healthy.