Colts Rookies Will Benefit from Coaching Change

BALTIMORE, MD - DECEMBER 23: Linebacker Tarell Basham
BALTIMORE, MD - DECEMBER 23: Linebacker Tarell Basham /

The Colts have a lot of rookies and second year players on the roster. They will get a huge boost in playing time with new coaches in the locker room.

Every team has the goal to contend for a championship. But when that goal is not achievable right away, the next best thing is to acquire young talent. The Colts have that young talent right now. And now that there is a coaching change, they will get a chance to shine.

Most coaches who are on the brink of losing their job won’t play a lot of young players. That philosophy changes once a new coach is brought in. New coaches like to play the young players that they draft or sign in free agency so that they have a chance to grow.

That means that the new draft class should see the field plenty. Quenton Nelso will be a day one starter. Braden Smith has a chance to compete for a starting job as well. Players from last year’s draft class will get a healthy chunk of playing time too. Malik Hooker, Quincy Wilson, and Tarell Basham should all get significant playing time.

Just because these players are young doesn’t mean that they haven’t earned their playing time. They are all talented players who will now get a chance to showcase their talents without fear of getting benched. They will all be free to work through their mistakes.

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Having a lot of young talent is the best possible scenario for this team. The Colts are able to get these young players experience, and that should help them contend in the future. Once that happens, then the new coaches won’t have to worry about losing their jobs at all.