What is the Colts’ Ceiling for Next Season?

NASHVILLE, TN - OCTOBER 16: Jack Doyle /

Training camp still hasn’t started yet. But it is never to early to wonder just how good this current Colts team can be next year.

The Colts were the third worst team in the league last season. A lot of that had to do with Andrew Luck missing the whole season. But now that he is on his way to being healthy for next year, how good can this team be?

They have plenty of work to do between now and the start of the season. They still have to figure out several starting spots. Both the offense and the defense has to finish learning their new systems as well. So there is a lot of improvement that can still be done this off-season.

With that being said, the ceiling for this team could still be fairly high. Having your franchise quarterback back on the field counts for a lot in the NFL. Luck could carry this team to the playoffs virtually by himself, he’s that good. And he’s done it before.

That seems to be the ceiling for this team. The best they could do is a playoff berth. If they won a game in the playoffs, that would be a bonus. The Colts play in an increasingly tough division, so just making the playoffs would be an achievement by itself.

Is making the playoffs a realistic goal? It will be tough. Both the Titans and the Jaguars were playoff teams last year, and both should only get better. They both are young teams and should give the Colts all they can handle in the divisional race.

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If the Colts can make the playoffs, they should consider next season a success. It seems unlikely, but Colts fans have learned not to doubt Luck’s capabilities when he is healthy.