How Will Colts Players Return From Injury?

SEATTLE, WA - OCTOBER 1: Malik Hooker
SEATTLE, WA - OCTOBER 1: Malik Hooker /

There are several Colts who got hurt last season and finished the year on IR. How will those players return from those various injuries?

The Colts faced a rash of injuries last season. Most of their key players got hurt in key times of the season. They had many players who were having good years get their season cut short. How good will those players be next season returning from being hurt?

Andrew Luck is the biggest injury concern. He has been slowly progressing in his rehab, and says he has no pain in his throwing shoulder. If that holds true, expect Luck to have a big bounce back year and potentially put up career numbers in almost every category.

John Simon got hurt last year after playing only nine games. He was the Colts’ best linebacker a year ago, but now switches back to defensive end in the new scheme. Simon could be one of the players who sees less time, but I wouldn’t count him out. He is a hard worker who always seems to be in the right place at the right time.

Malik Hooker had a promising rookie year shut down early after he tore his ACL. Hooker had three interceptions before suffering the injury. He is great at having a nose for the ball, and should be able to come back from this injury and improve on last years’ interception total.

Ryan Kelly only played in seven games last season. He was drafted to be the franchise center, but has had issues staying on the field. Unfortunately, this seems to be a pattern. It wouldn’t be surprising to see him get hurt early next year as well.

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All of these players need to focus on getting well and staying on the field. If all of them can be their normal selves, the Colts are in a position to improve last year’s win total significantly.