Who Will be the Biggest Colts Disappointment?


There are plenty of Colts who are poised for a breakout season next year. But inevitably, there will be disappointments as well. Who could be the biggest?

The Colts are a team that is in rebuild mode. They are trying to get better and continue to grow together. But there will be bumps in the road. There will also be players who are expected to take bigger roles, but ultimately disappoint. Who could that player be in Indy?

There are plenty of candidates. There are several position groups that are looking for players to step up into new roles. For example, there are linebackers who are making the transition into defensive end to fit the new scheme. That switch could lead to players being disappointments.

The main candidate on the defensive side of the ball is actually in the secondary. Quincy Wilson is expected to take a big leap in his second year. The Colts are counting on him to be a top two cornerback after a lackluster rookie season. He was injury prone, and didn’t play very well when he was on the field.

On the offensive side of the ball, Eric Ebron leads the list. He already disappointed in Detroit, where the Lions thought they had a dynamic playmaker when they drafted him. Instead, Ebron dropped passes in critical times in big games. He could do the same in Indianapolis as well.

Ultimately, the biggest disappointment for the Colts could be Ebron. He has looked good in off-season workouts, which would make it all the more disappointing if he doesn’t deliver. He has all of the physical skills that you look for in a tight-end. But his consistency will be key next year.

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If everything goes right, the Colts won’t have any disappointments next year. That may be wishful thinking, but they can have the right players around Ebron to make up for his lack of production if he does indeed disappoint.