Who Benefits Most in Colts’ New Offense?


The Colts have a brand new offensive system, and it is a lot different than what they have been running. Who stands to benefit the most from the new system?

The Colts have been hard at work integrating their new offensive system. It will involve a lot more short routes and utilize mismatches as much as possible. That means players have to be ready to take advantage of possible mismatches. Which one is best suited for this new style?

Having an offense predicated on timing and confusion is great if it can be well executed. You need a certain type of personnel in order to do that. You need smart guys who can run precise routes and have a chance to create once they have the ball in their hands.

T.Y. Hilton seems to be that guy. He is re-dedicating himself to his off-season conditioning after having a bad year last season. While many chalk that up to not having Andrew Luck under center, Hilton isn’t making any excuses. He wants to have a bounce back season.

This type of offense should help him do just that. He is the fastest guy on the Colts offense and is the most dynamic play-maker. He runs crisp routes and can change direction quickly. A lot of the passes from Luck will be quick hitters, and Hilton has the opportunity to take those to the house.

There will also be plenty of deep balls thrown. Luck has a strong arm when healthy, and Hilton is one of the best deep ball catchers in the league. Play action pass will be a big key in the offense as well, and that bodes well for Hilton’s deep ball catches.

Hilton will be moving all over the offense in the pre-snap. He will play outside and in the slot. He will be in motion a lot to try and create those mismatches to get him in space so he can make plays.

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The new offense will benefit everyone, but Hilton should be especially licking his chops. He could have a big year next season.