What the Colts can do to Mitigate Injury to Andrew Luck


Now that there is evidence that Luck is recovering, the Colts need to keep him healthy. Here are some ways for the team to do just that moving forward.

Andrew Luck is now finally throwing a football. It shows that he is on track to be healthy for the start of the season. But the Colts know that they need him to stay healthy. Luck has had an issue with that throughout his career. Here are some ways they can fix that.

The number one thing is to make sure Luck continues to not skip steps in his rehab. The worst thing that could happen is for him to re-injure himself before the season starts. As long as he keeps following the rehab plan, that can be easily avoided.

The offensive line is also a big key. Luck has taken far too many hits throughout his career. The line needs to do a better job in pass protection. They need to be able to keep him from having to take big hits that drive him into the turf.

Frank Reich can also help with that. He can design plays to get the ball out of Luck’s hands quickly. Based on the offense the Eagles ran last year, that seems to be the case. He will be throwing a lot more quick routes which will help mitigate potential hits.

Running the ball better will also help him. Having a good run game lowers the reliance on the passing game. Luck would love it if he could hand the ball off 25-30 times a game and have a solid running game. That takes a lot of pressure off of him, and sets up play action passes.

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Keeping Luck healthy will be a team effort. Everyone has to do their part. If they do, Luck could have a big comeback effort.