The Colts Don’t Own Indy Anymore…But They Can Get it Back

SEATTLE, WA - OCTOBER 1: Malik Hooker
SEATTLE, WA - OCTOBER 1: Malik Hooker /

Indianapolis is no longer a Colts town; it’s a Pacers town. But that doesn’t mean the Colts can’t take it back and be Indy’s number one team again.

For years Indianapolis was a Colts town. Once they drafted Peyton Manning, it bled blue and white. After the Pacers had the brawl, the town was unquestionably owned by the Colts. But that has now reversed course.

During the entire months of March and April, fans were talking about the Pacers. They were talking about Victor Oladipo and how much they love watching this team play. Fans packed Bankerslife Fieldhouse to watch the team push the Cavs to seven games in the first round.

For the majority of the past 10 years, April was for talking about the NFL draft. Indy cared about who Andrew Luck was going to get to throw to more than they cared who the Pacers were playing in the playoffs. But that is no longer the case.

That doesn’t have to stay that way for long, however. While the fun Pacers team isn’t going anywhere, the Colts can re-take their title as top team in Indianapolis. They just have to do a few things first to get back into fans’ good graces.

First, they have to put a likable team out there. The team has to fight hard and play hard to show that they want to compete. They also have to show a commitment to get better. The team is young, but as long as they are fun to watch it doesn’t matter.

Improving on the win total from last year is also imperative. No one wants to watch a dumpster dwelling team. That shouldn’t be a big issue next season. Even if the Colts don’t make the playoffs, just having the team improve the win total by four or five would be good enough.

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As long as Andrew Luck remains in Indy, the Colts will always have a chance to be top dog in Indy. But now they have a little friendly competition from next door.