Are the Colts Re-Builders or Contenders?

NASHVILLE, TN - OCTOBER 16: Jack Doyle /

After missing their franchise quarterback all of last year, the Colts had the third worst record in the league. But will getting him back vault them back into contention?

The Colts were in a bad way last year without Andrew Luck. They didn’t have a good offense missing him. He is a massive part of the team, and the Colts weren’t able to rise to the challenge. But he is supposed to be healthy for next season. Does that mean Indy will contend next year?

While Luck is a massive part of the team’s overall success, he is not the only engine that drives it. The offensive line was extremely bad as well. They have taken steps to address this through the draft, but it will take some time for those prospects to develop.

The defense was also a complete mess last season. They couldn’t stop the run or the pass. They also didn’t force very many turnovers. All of this leads to a lot of big plays and a lot of losses. You can’t fix that overnight either. Especially when you lose your best corner in free agency.

All of this adds up to the Colts being re-builders. They will improve on their record from last year solely from the fact that Luck is back, but not enough to contend. They might make a late playoff push. But even if they get in, they won’t be any real threat.

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Colts fans just need to have a little bit of patience with this group. They have a lot of potential, and have had a good last two drafts under Chris Ballard. This team will definitely be a contender in a few years. Until then, fans should just enjoy the development of the young prospects they have all over the roster.