Colts’ Andrew Luck Won’t Throw in OTA’s


With today being the last day in OTA’s, don’t expect to see the franchise quarterback slinging around footballs now or anytime soon.

Andrew Luck has still not thrown an NFL football. At least not in front of any media members. He still hasn’t been able to have his shoulder be strong enough to do that yet. But with veteran minicamp coming up, could we see him throw then?

It seems highly unlikely. As jacked as Luck looks right now, that doesn’t mean his shoulder muscles are ready for a high velocity throwing motion quite yet. The Colts are going to take every possible precaution to keep him from losing another season.

The Colts should have been this cautious last off-season. If they had been, Luck would not be in the predicament he’s in right now. He would be free and clear of any injury concerns, and he likely would have played last season.

Luck will however address the media next week. That will be a good indicator of how well he is doing. He has the tendency to show his emotions during media sessions, even if he can sometimes be careful with his word choice. That will give Colts fans more of an idea of when he might start throwing again.

OTA’s aren’t typically too useful for veterans anyway. But it does give the team a good chance to learn the new playbook brought in by the new coaching staff. Giving Luck mental reps is as good as anything right now.

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The most likely scenario is that Luck starts throwing full-time during training camp. Once he does, then Colts fans can breathe a sigh of relief. Until then though, it is prudent to keep a reduced sense of optimism.