This is the Best Colts QB Room in a Long Time

The headliner in Indy is obviously Andrew Luck, but the depth chart at quarterback is very strong overall, and might be the best it’s ever been.

Andrew Luck is the undisputed starter for the Colts. He has been since 2012, and will be for another 10 years, barring health. But just because he is a strong player doesn’t mean the entire quarterback depth chart is good.

But the Colts have another starter sitting behind Luck. Jacoby Brissett is good enough to start for another NFL team. He showed his arm strength and his resolve all season long. He might not be an upper-echelon starter, but he could be the number QB on at least five other teams in the league.

Because of Brissett’s talent, the Colts have an incredible luxury. Perhaps only the Philadelphia Eagles, who have Carson Wentz and Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles, have two quality starters at quarterback.

Colts fans hope they never have to see Brissett take another meaningful snap with a Horseshoe on his helmet again. That’s not an indictment on Brissett, it just shows how good Luck is and how important he is to the fabric of this Indianapolis team.

If Brissett did have to take meaningful snaps again, he would be in a much better situation. He would have an entire off-season with the Colts under his belt, and would be able to learn the plays. He was hardly with the team when they thrust him in the starting lineup this past season.

The Colts should feel good having Brissett behind Luck though. This might be the strongest QB depth the team has had for a few decades. It is always in an NFL team’s best interest to prepare for the worst case scenario, and the Colts have a good option if that happens.