Colts Take Running Back Jordan Wilkins With 169th Pick

OXFORD, MS - OCTOBER 14: Running back Jordan Wilkins
OXFORD, MS - OCTOBER 14: Running back Jordan Wilkins /

The Colts have no taken two running backs in this draft. They selected Jordan Wilkins out of Ole Miss.

The Colts have no decided to go offensive. They have taken running back Jordan Wilkins with the 169th pick. With that pick, that makes two running backs the Colts have selected in this draft. Clearly they are looking for some depth at that position.

Wilkins attended Ole Miss, had his best year as a senior. He ran for over 1,000 yards and had 9 touchdowns. Wilkins is more of a bulldozer of a running back. He is 6-1 and weighs 217 pounds. He can be an effective back at that size near the endzone. He can be a great weapon in short yardage situations as well.

This is an interesting pick for the Colts. They clearly want to establish depth at running back. While it sill looks like Marlon Mack will be the starter, they want to have options behind him. Wilkins also can be a good third down back because he has good hands out of the backfield. He had 26 catches last year and averaged 9.3 yards a catch.

As far as playing time goes, Wilkins will more than likely only get a shot at special teams early on. He will occasionally be put in during short yardage situations, but he most likely will not be an every down back for Indianapolis. The team will now have different options for different running situations.

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Wilkins is an interesting pick, mainly because the Colts already took another running back in this draft. He could be a very good special teams guy, but his impact on offense will remain to be seen. Trusting Chris Ballard to put together a good roster is something Colts fans need to do. Expect Wilkins to do good things in whatever role the Colts put him in.