2018 Indianapolis Colts Undrafted Free Agents


Now that the draft has officially ended, it’s time to see what kind of undrafted free agents the Colts can sign.

The Colts had a bunch of picks in the 2018 NFL Draft. They addressed all kinds of different roster needs. They were able to get linebackers, wide receivers, and running backs. But there can still be some valuable players that can be picked up that weren’t among the many drafted. The Colts have already signed some of them.

One of those players is the winningest quarterback in Ohio State history. J.T. Barrett is going to Indianapolis. He was one of the best players in the country his freshman season, having a total of 44 touchdowns. He has the most touchdowns in Big Ten history, and has amassed over 12,000 total yards.

The Colts also signed Michigan kicker Michael Badgley. It seems like an odd signing considering they have Adam Vinatieri, but they could just be bringing in a younger guy to see if Vinatieri can handle a little bit of training camp competition.

They have also signed Henre’ Toliver, defensive back out of Arkansas. He is a good tackler at that spot, having 43 total tackles during his senior year. He also had 3 interceptions, and had a total of 7 during his career.

Indianapolis also signed another defensive back, Mike Basile out of Monmouth. He did a good job tackling all throughout his career, having over 100 tackles twice. The Colts are clearly trying to increase their depth in the backfield.

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There will certainly be more players that the Colts sign over the next few days and weeks, but these are the first four. And they all can provide value to the Colts roster, especially Barrett. He is a world class leader, and can bring a bunch of intangibles to the team.