What is the Colts’ Top Need in the Draft?


With the draft rapidly approaching, we take a look at a critical component of the Colts’ strategy. Which area of the team needs to be addressed the most?

The Colts have a multitude of needs to fill on the roster. With the draft in just a few days, they will look to address as many of those needs as possible. But some of them need to be taken care of more than others.

Indianapolis needs help at several positions, including offensive line, linebacker, wide receiver, and in all parts of the secondary. Some would even say that running back is an area of need as well. But the biggest of any of them have to be the offensive line.

This comes down to a very simple reason; they need to protect the quarterback better. As has been well documented, the Colts did not do a good job protecting Andrew Luck or Jacoby Brissett when they have been out there. Unless the Colts want to see another entire season of Brissett, they better get some help protecting Luck.

They can do this in a big way if they use the number six overall pick on Quenton Nelson, the guard out of Notre Dame. He is a big, strong player who can handle all kinds of defensive lineman. But if they don’t choose to go that route, they can pick up some quality lineman later in the draft using their multitude of picks they got in the Jets trade.

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There’s no doubt that the Colts will try to address all of their roster needs in some capacity in this draft. But they would be wise to attack the biggest weaknesses first. That way, they can get a quality difference maker that can make an immediate impact.