Should the Colts try to Sign Dez Bryant?

OAKLAND, CA - DECEMBER 17: Dez Bryant /

With the news that the Cowboys will release wide receiver Dez Bryant, many teams will go after his services. Should the Colts be one of them?

Dez Bryant is being released by the Dallas Cowboys after they couldn’t come to an agreement on a contract. Bryant will no doubt have plenty of teams wanting his services. He is an eight year veteran who was once a dominant force. But is he still that dominant force?

Bryant hasn’t had a 1,000 yard receiving season since 2014, but in that season he was selected as a first team All-Pro receiver. Last year, he only had 838 yards and six touchdowns. Those are still good numbers, but their not elite level numbers like he was posting in years prior.

Would Bryant help the Colts? They still need multiple receivers to help take the load off of T.Y. Hilton. The Colts also have a ton of cap space still available. They could likely outbid most teams for Bryant’s services.

But would he be worth a large contract? At this point, no. Bryant’s best years seem to be behind him. He also has a history of being injured. Those two factors point to the Colts not putting in a high bid for him.

At the same time, Bryant could help any team in the league. He still has number one receiver skills, and would be the best number two receiver in the league if he chose to do that. The Colts would be wise to at least explore the possibility of signing him, especially if they want to be competitive next year.

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The Colts will probably kick around the idea of signing Bryant. He might command too high of a price for them, even though they still have a lot of cap space. GM Chris Ballard seems to want to roll a lot of that space over to next year, so it will be interesting to see if this is something they pursue.