What the Colts Expect to Accomplish During OTA’s

NASHVILLE, TN - OCTOBER 16: Jack Doyle /

OTA’s are about players getting back into a team workout setting. It’s the time of the year where chemistry begins to build, and the Colts will need a ton of just that.

OTA’s don’t usually have any significant meaning. It’s just players coming back to workout with the team for the first time since January or sometimes February. But that doesn’t mean that OTA’s are a waste of time. In fact, they are quite the contrary.

This is the time of year where players start to develop chemistry with their new teammates. They come together and socialize and begin to familiarize themselves with the new roster. It is also a time to hangout and become friends with these new teammates, which helps develop chemistry.

The new coaching staff also gets to do the same. Now they get to see all of the players that they have on their roster together for the first time. They will be able to formulate relationships and learn about the skills each individual player has. Coaches also get to implement their new systems for the first time.

It is key that the players learn these new systems as soon as they can. The more reps they are able to get with these new plays, the better. That is the most important part of these OTA’s for the Colts; they need to have their players learn the new systems.

OTA’s are more important mentally than they are physically. It is the first time the players have to get their mind into a football sense since the end of the season. It also instills hope with the new roster that they can achieve great things. That is the best thing about the beginning of each new season; hope.

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The Colts will have a successful OTA session if no one gets hurt, and the players start to learn the playbooks. But a little studying will go a long way in the end.