Colts Should Learn From AFC South Opponents

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - NOVEMBER 12: Donte Moncrief /

Finishing third in the division means that you have some learning to do. In the Colts’ case, they would do well to learn from their AFC South counterparts.

The Colts finished a disappointing 4-12 this season. They avoided finishing last by beating the Texans in the last game of the season to force them to also finish 4-12. The Colts clearly needs to go back to the drawing board and learn from the other three teams in the division.

The Colts can learn something from each of the teams in the South. The Titans can teach the Colts how to run the ball. They did that extremely well with the tandem of DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry. They also showed that they were an excellent run blocking team, as their offensive line was very strong.

Jacksonville was the class of the division. The Colts can learn a lot of things from them, mainly how to play suffocating defense. They were excellent in the secondary, and the Colts certainly need some pointers in that area, although they should be better than they were last year once they get healthier.

The Colts can even learn something from Houston, their 4-12 finishing counterpart. Houston was the toast of the division while Deshaun Watson was still healthy. The Colts can learn how to take advantage of their quarterback play. When Watson was playing, the Texans were scoring a lot of points and winning games. If the Colts can take advantage of Andrew Luck, they will be a much better team.

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Hopefully the Colts can study their opponents in order to gain an edge on them. If they can take the best part of each of these teams, then the Colts will have no issue improving to a competitive team.