How Does Colts Newcomer Denico Autry Fit in?

OAKLAND, CA - NOVEMBER 27: Denico Autry
OAKLAND, CA - NOVEMBER 27: Denico Autry /

Autry was the first player the Colts signed in free agency. He was signed to be a pass rusher off the edge, but what will his defined role be on the team?

The Colts started off free agency slowly. They only signed one player for the first few days of free agency, and that was Denico Autry. He was signed to a three year deal after previously playing for the Oakland Raiders.

But now that he and other players have been signed, what will his role on this Colts team be? He was signed to be a pass rusher, but he only has six career sacks in four seasons. He is one of only three defensive ends on the roster right now, but that could change based on who the Colts draft.

If the the Colts are able to draft Bradley Chubb, Autry might be pushed to a reserve role. He would be behind Chubb and Margus Hunt, who had a good season. But Autry would still figure to get time in obvious passing situations and third downs.

Even if Autry isn’t a starter, he still gives the defensive line some depth. You can never have too much depth on either the offensive or defensive line. Autry should be able to get plenty of opportunities to sack the quarterback because of the lack of depth.

The good news for the Colts is that they still have time to build that defensive line depth. Autry would also do well if they increased their depth. He would have the ability to see the field when the situation best suits his talents.

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Autry should be able to increase his pass rushing skills. The best case scenario would be for the Colts is that Autry has at least four sacks this season, which would still be better than the defensive line could muster last season.