Health Will be a Big Factor For Colts Next Season


Having healthy players is always important for teams to succeed. But health will be a particularly large factor for the Colts next season, especially with some key players.

The Colts were devastated by injuries this past season. They were hit hard especially on the defensive side of the ball, with three important starters being placed in injured reserve. And of course the biggest injury of them all happened before the season to quarterback Andrew Luck.

How these players come back from injury will be key in their success next season. Luck will obviously be the most watched player coming back from injury. His success in his rehab is tantamount to the success for the team overall.

There are others who are key players that were also lost to injury. John Simon was arguably the team’s best linebacker last season. He got shut down after only nine games due to injury. Malik Hooker, the team’s first round pick, was lost to a torn ACL only 7 games in to the season. Both of those players will be huge for the defense moving forward, and both have shown they can have a big impact on the game.

On offense, Jack Mewhort was placed on IR as well. The Colts opted to re-sign him to a one year deal to prove he can stay healthy and be effective. The offensive line needs all the help they can get, so he should be a big help.

Other players were hurt throughout the season as well, including Ryan Kelly, Clayton Geathers, and Quincy Wilson. Those are all key players that the Colts need to stay healthy in order for the team to have success.

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If the team can stay relatively healthy, they should improve on their win total in 2018. As long as they don’t get destroyed by injuries again, this team should be interesting to watch grow.