Colts Lose Out on Rashaan Melvin


The Colts have not signed many people in free agency so far. Now news has come out that they lost the opportunity to re-sign their best corner.

Indianapolis has been patient in free agency. They have been scanning the market and looking for players who fit their system. But the organization just lost out on their best defender from this past season.

Rashaan Melvin has opted to not re-sign with the Colts. Instead he signed a one year deal with the Oakland Raiders. This is a big blow to the team’s secondary. Melvin was by far their best cornerback and was the best player in their secondary overall.

Melvin was also one of the highest rated corners in the entire league. It seems baffling that a team with so much cap room would let their best defender walk in free agency. The Colts could have offered more money to Melvin than Oakland did, but they chose not to.

The Colts now have some work to do. They need to find someone to replace him and find a second corner as well. The team still has plenty of cap room, and would do well to spend it. As long as they have that large amount of room, they need to spend it on wise deals. Signing Melvin would have qualified as wise.

It will be interesting to see if Chris Ballard makes any moves in the coming days. They are supposed to meet with several free agents, and they should use that money to sign some of them. They need a lot of help in a lot of different positions. That only got worse with letting Melvin walk.

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Colts fans need to continue to be patient with the team, but this can’t sit well with them. The team just let their best defender walk without even trying to re-sign him. Hopefully that’s the last time that happens.