Colts Head Coach Frank Reich Gives Andrew Luck Update

Colts quarterback Andrew Luck (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Colts quarterback Andrew Luck (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) /

Frank Reich had a press conference today and talked about a wide range of topics, with one of those being an update on Andrew Luck.

Colts head coach Frank Reich gave a combine press conference today. He was asked about a wide range of topics. But before anyone could ask any questions, he gave everyone an update on the status of franchise quarterback Andrew Luck.

Reich led off his presser by saying that the team expects to have Luck at their off-season workout camps. He also said that Luck is progressing well and that he is following the step-by-step process that is needed in his rehab. He also said that Luck is eager to get started.

Later in the press conference, Reich was asked if Luck had started throwing yet. Reich responded by saying that he had not yet started throwing a football yet, but was throwing smaller and lighter balls. He said Luck is still in the process of strengthening his shoulder in order to get ready for the load of throwing a football.

It was also revealed that Luck is still out in California doing his rehab workouts. This is not a big surprise as most players are scattered about all over the country doing their own thing before OTA’s start.

GM Chris Ballard also shared in Reich’s confidence that Luck will be ready to go next season. He said that he has “no doubt” that Luck will be back and better than ever at the start of next season. He also reiterated that they are bringing him along at the appropriate speed to try and get him healthy.

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This is all great news for Colts fans. If Luck really is on track with his rehab, then he should be seeing the field next fall without any issues. The real test will be if he starts to throw the football in OTA’s. Either way, Colts fans should be optimistic.