Colts Coach Frank Reich Will Bring the Best out of Andrew Luck


The new head coach of the Colts needs will have a large task ahead of him, but his coaching should take the franchise quarterback to new heights.

The Colts just hired a brand new head man. He is going to need to do a lot of work for the Colts to improve. If they want to be back where owner Jim Irsay thinks they can be, Frank Reich will have to work well with Andrew Luck and improve his skills.

Based on Reich’s experience as a quarterback, Luck will work well with him. Reich is smart, a hard worker, wanted to be be great, and has a fantastic sense of resiliency. He still has all of those qualities as a coach, and has only improved on other qualities as well.

As a coach, Reich has been able to help quarterbacks at every step in his coaching journey. He coached Peyton Manning as his first QB, and both men seem to have learned a lot from the other. He also coached Philip Rivers and took Nick Foles to incredible heights this past year.

Luck has said that he can’t wait to work with Reich. Now that he said he doesn’t need a second shoulder surgery, he can get to work learning the new offense. Reich should be able to help Luck improve his game even more than it already has.

Riech’s offense should be able to keep Luck on the field. It should have Luck getting the ball out of his hand quicker and into wide receivers’ hands. T.Y. Hilton should have a resurgence next season as well because it will be easier to get him open in space.

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Reich is a great teacher, and Luck will love working with him. I expect the Colts to have an excellent offensive season next year and win a fair amount of games.