Who is the Most Versatile Player on the Colts’ Defense?

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - SEPTEMBER 17: Johnathan Hankins
INDIANAPOLIS, IN - SEPTEMBER 17: Johnathan Hankins /

The Colts had problems on defense this season, but they still had some good performers. But who is the most versatile player on that defense?

The Colts’ roster has many flaws on it. And as has been covered extensively before, the defense is not the most talented unit in the NFL. But they do have some solid contributors on the unit, as well as some versatile players who are very integral to the success of the defense.

Rashaan Melvin was the best defender the Colts had all year. He played the role of a lock-down corner when he was able to stay healthy. Darius Butler moved to safety this year after previously playing safety for the Colts. But none of them are as versatile as Johnathan Hankins.

Hankins was one of the new players brought in last off-season. He had previously played with the New York Giants. He mainly played defensive tackle with them in a 4-3 technique. But with the Colts this season he played defensive end. He has the size and strength to play both.

Depending on what new head coach Josh McDaniels does with the current coordinators, he might change defenses. If he does, Hankins will be able to slide right in to the 4-3 technique like he did in New York. If McDaniels keeps the defense the same, Hankins can stay at the defensive end position.

Position versatility isn’t the only trait Hankins has. He can stop the run as well as rush the passer. He uses his hands well and is a good tackler. Hankins can be on the field all three downs as well. He has good stamina and has a variety of moves to shed blockers.

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Indianapolis could use more players like Hankins; players that can play multiple positions and have skills that keep them from being taken off the field. If the defense can get more of these players, the Colts will be in good shape.