Andrew Luck is About to Start Throwing Again


Colts fans have been holding their breath since Luck underwent surgery to repair his injured shoulder. Now it appears he is finally on the right track to come back healthy.

Colts quarterback Andrew Luck has been working diligently to come back from off-season surgery he underwent before the 2017 season. He even went to Europe to do some rehab to try and strengthen his shoulder. Now it seems as though his hard work is starting to finally pay off.

Luck has been doing some exercises and rehab to strengthen his shoulder. He has been trying to make sure his muscles are strong enough to repeatedly withstand his throwing motion. Luck tried to throw in October, but was shut down after experiencing pain.

The Colts have been very slow and cautious with Luck’s injury. They know that their top priority is to have a healthy franchise quarterback. They are investing a lot of time and resources to help him in his rehab effort, and now it looks as though Luck is ready to take the next step.

According to Ian Rappoport of NFL Network, Luck is about to start a throwing regimen in Los Angeles. He has been able gain a lot of strength in his shoulder, and will not require another surgery. This is big news for the Colts and their fans.

Luck will be working on his mechanics to refine his throwing motion to keep his shoulder from being re-injured while he’s in L.A. Luck came back from Europe noticeably stronger as well. He seems to be on the right track, and if he continues to be on this path the Colts should be a much better football.

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This is big news for Colts fans, and this is good news for new coach Josh McDaniels. A healthy Andrew Luck makes this team much more formidable.