5 Potential Targets if the Colts Trade Down in the NFL Draft

GREENVILLE, NC - SEPTEMBER 16: Running back Tyshon Dye
GREENVILLE, NC - SEPTEMBER 16: Running back Tyshon Dye /
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Tavon Bryan: Defenisve Lineman, Florida

Tavon Bryan’s stock has been rising significantly over the last few weeks.

His burst off the ball and incredible hands shine on tape. He will likely be a three-tech defensive lineman in the NFL and would fit in a 3-4 or 4-3 scheme. The Colts are expected to make a switch to a 4-3 defense with new defensive coordinator Matt Eberflus, and Tavon Bryan should fit right in.

He’s a high upside pick that Colts fans should be very happy with if the team moves all the way down to the 12-15 range.


The Colts have so many needs on the roster. With so many quarterback-hungry teams in the top fifteen of this year’s draft, the Colts would be smart to trade down and acquire more picks.

There is a multitude of options available for the Colts whether they stand pat and pick third, or if they trade back in the first round.

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