The Colts Need More Reliable Playmakers


The Colts, like every other team in the NFL, rely on playmakers on the outside to keep the offense rolling. They can always use more!

The Colts were not a good offensive team this past season. While a lot of that falls on the fact that starting quarterback Andrew Luck was injured all season, the Colts still had a lack of playmakers that were able to take the pressure off replacement Jacoby Brissett.

T.Y. Hilton is an elite playmaker on the outside. He is a deep threat that every team in the NFL has to gameplan for. After that? No one else really scares defenses on the outside. The next best offensive threat the Colts have is Jack Doyle.

Now Doyle is a great player, a Pro Bowl talent, but he doesn’t do his damage on the outside of the field. Donte Moncrief has never been able to stay healthy enough to be a consistent threat. Chester Rogers has had his moments, but has done most of his damage out of the slot.

Luck could really use someone in his receiving corp that can be counted on besides Hilton. The Colts lived and died by Hilton’s production this past year. Hilton had 100 yard games in every game the Colts won except the last game of the year. They are going to need someone else to step up if they want to win more games.

There are a couple of different options to acquire more reliable playmakers. They could use some draft picks or they can spend money in free agency. The free agency route might be a little better since Indy has about $82 million in cap space this off-season. That’s plenty of money to find a playmaker or two.

If the Colts can find more reliable playmakers, the offense will become exponentially more dangerous. With Luck back at QB, the Colts should be much better, and could win plenty of games next season.