Colts 2017 Free Agent Grade Series: Margus Hunt


One of the many players brought in on defense, Hunt was brought in to help the defensive line. How was he in his first Colt season?

Margus Hunt was one of the many new faces on the defensive side of the ball. He was brought in during the off-season after spending his first four seasons with the Cincinnati Bengals. Hunt was drafted in the second round of the 2013 draft, but never realized his potential in Cincy. Did a change in scenery do him good?

In his first season with a horseshoe on his helmet, Hunt played in all 16 games and started 5 of them. He recorded a career high in tackles. The big defensive end played better at the end of the year, and really helped out stopping the run. He played especially well in the blizzard in Buffalo, recording 7 total tackles.

Hunt is a big body at 6 foot 8 and almost 300 pounds. That is ideal size to help plug up holes in the run game. He did just that in his first Colts season. He wasn’t much of a pass rusher though, only recording one sack.

Final Grade:

MARGUS HUNT. B. . DE. Indianapolis Colts

Hunt was a good rotation guy at the end of the season. He was able to give guys some rest and was relatively effective while he was on the field. While he still hasn’t shown his full potential in the NFL yet, he can still be a nice role player on a good team.

The Colts don’t have much depth on the defense, but one unit they do have depth is defensive line. Hunt is one of those guys that gives them that depth. Hunt is signed for one more year, so the Colts are hoping he can improve next season and give them even more solid play.

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Hunt’s grade may not seem too high, but the Colts need more B grade players to back up their starters to improve their depth on the team overall. Hunt does exactly what is expected of him, and hopefully can do more next year.