Colts 2017 Awards: Best Position Group


The 2017 season has come to an end, so now it’s time to give awards out to the best performers on the Colts roster. This award goes to the best position group: the running backs.

The Colts had a disappointing 2017 season. They struggled to a 4-12 record, and had problems on both sides of the ball. The position group who performed the best did so despite problems in the trenches. The best position group award goes to the running backs.

While the Colts didn’t have a 1,000 yard rusher this season, their backs provided a lot of value to the team’s success in their victories. Both Frank Gore and Marlon Mack ran hard all season long. They combined for 6 touchdowns and over 1,300 yards.

Once it was apparent Andrew Luck was not going to be available for the season, the Colts were forced to be more one-dimensional. The running game was made much more important because Jacoby Brissett isn’t as an effective passer as Luck. The only time the offense was able to move the ball is when the running game was able to set up the pass.

The success of Gore is very impressive. He is 34 and is still an effective weapon in the backfield. His age clearly has no bearing on his effectiveness, and he shows no signs of slowing down. He is also an effective receiver in the passing game. He has very reliable hands.

Mack had a great rookie year. He is an explosive back with big play potential every time he touches the ball. He has a burst of speed when he hits the hole. If the Colts can have an effective offensive line, Mack can flourish and has the potential to be a big time threat.

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During owner Jim Irsay’s press conference yesterday, he may have hinted at the Colts taking Saquon Barkley with the 3rd pick in the draft. If they do that, this position group would only improve and could be a big part of the offense in the future.