Q&A With Cleveland Browns Expert

CLEVELAND, OH - DECEMBER 07: Donte Moncrief
CLEVELAND, OH - DECEMBER 07: Donte Moncrief /

I talked to Ryan Rosko, the site expert at Factory of Sadness, and asked him six questions regarding this week’s matchup between the Colts and Browns.

Q: Who is your favorite young player on the Browns?

A: He hasn’t made his debut yet but it is Myles Garrett. He is the next star DL. The ceiling for Garrett is crazy high! As far as someone who has already played, I’d go with fellow DL Emmanuel Ogbah.

Q: Are you in favor of Deshone Kizer starting right away, or would you rather have him learn from the bench?

A: Given who was and still is on the roster, I am definitely in favor of Kizer starting now. However, if Cleveland had a veteran that wasn’t looking to be the guy long-term, I’d have waited on starting Kizer. Since that is not the case, the former Norte Dame product gives the Browns the best chance to win.

Q: What is the biggest mismatch in this week’s game in favor of Cleveland?

A: The biggest mismatch favoring the Browns is Isaiah Crowell going up against the Colts’ defense. Yes, Indianapolis did better in Week 2 versus the Arizona Cardinals but given the talent the Browns have along their offensive line, Crowell should break out of his slump. Don’t be surprised to see him put up bigger numbers than what Los Angeles Rams’ Todd Gurley finished with in Week 1.

Q: What is the biggest mismatch in this week’s game in favor of Indianapolis?

A: What favors Indy are their tight ends versus the Browns’ defense. Cleveland gave up two touchdowns to Pittsburgh Steelers’ Jesse James in Week 1 and Baltimore Ravens’ Benjamin Watson caught everything thrown to him in Week 2.

Q: If Andrew Luck is out for the year, which of these two teams will have a better record this season?

A: It all depends on how Kizer develops. The lack of resources in the passing game hurts but given what Cleveland has on defense, they have no excuse but to be better than Indy without Luck. If Luck is out for the year, the Colts will be lucky to surpass two wins. Barring a major injury to a key piece for Cleveland, five wins at most is my expectation.

Q: What is your prediction for this week’s game?

A: Kizer will bounce back from his brutal game in Week 2. Yet, he won’t amaze anyone in the box score but he will lead Cleveland to the win 18-13.