Pat McAfee’s Top 5 ‘Magical Moments’ with Colts

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1. Pat Putting the ‘Boom’ in Boomstick

In Week 13 of the 2013 regular season, and as franchise icon Peyton Manning made his much anticipated return to Indianapolis–only as a member of the Denver Broncos, Pat McAfee made one of the plays of the game.

Having taken a late 10-7 first quarter lead on an Andrew Luck touchdown pass, McAfee kicked off for the Colts, but ultimately became their last line of defense.

Specifically, speedy Broncos kick returnman Trindon Holliday zoomed past defenders along the left sideline in what initially looked like a play in which he’d assuredly go all the way to ‘the house’–with ‘just a punter’ chasing him down.

However, McAfee had other plans, as he put the ‘Boom’ in ‘Boomstick’, simply crushing Holliday along the Broncos sideline–putting him squarely on his back.

Thanks for these memories Pat, you’ll certainly be missed!