Pat McAfee’s Top 5 ‘Magical Moments’ with Colts

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3. Punters are Passers Too

During Thanksgiving night on primetime television against the Pittsburgh Steelers this past season, McAfee fielded a 4th and 6 snap, only to complete a 35-yard pass to backup tight end Erik Swoope–showing that punters can be passers too.

The big gain finally gave the Colts some much needed life, who trailed 14-0 early in the 2nd quarter–setting up Indianapolis’ only touchdown score of the game.

It was the first completed pass of McAfee’s career (although his only other attempt was a thing of beauty that was inexplicably dropped by former backup safety Dewey McDonald).

As the emergency 3rd-string quarterback for the Colts, McAfee showed that he can actually throw the old pigskin around himself.

Not to mention, fans got to see ‘Money’ McAfee ‘strut his stuff‘ after the play.