Colts Issue Statement; Stand Up for Peyton Manning Amidst HGH Accusations


The Indianapolis Colts organization has issued a statement following a highly questionable report by Al Jazeera accusing Peyton Manning of HGH usage during the 2011 season:

"“We’ve been made aware of the recent Al Jazeera report concerning Peyton Manning and find it utterly ridiculous,” the Colts said in a statement by Avis Roper, Senior Director of Communications. “We are thoroughly familiar with Peyton’s tireless work habits, his medical history, and, most importantly, his integrity.”“Peyton played the game in Indianapolis for 14 years the right way,” added the Colts in their statement. “He never took any shortcuts and it would be absurd to suggest he would have taken prohibited performance enhancing drugs. We also note that the ‘source’ of this allegation has since recanted his story. The entire Indianapolis Colts organization and the Irsay family hope this crude effort to besmirch Peyton’s reputation will not be permitted to tarnish the legacy of a great Colt.”"

Rightfully so too, as the original source is a former intern for the Guyer Institute named Charles Sly, who has since acknowledged that he made up the names of a number of prominent athletes in order to protect his employer’s business:

"“When I was there, I had never seen the Mannings over,” Sly told ESPN’s Chris Mortensen. “They were not even living there at the time. Someone who had worked there said they had been there before. That was the extent of any knowledge I had. I feel badly.” “I never saw any files. This is just amazing that it reached this point. I was trying to determine whether this guy (Liam Collins) was legitimate or just trying to steal some knowledge about the business.”"

It’s a shame for Manning because it’s much easier to make public false accusations than it is to clear one’s good name and reputation. It’s unclear whether Manning and his representation will go after these sources for “defamation”, but needless to say, it’s something to watch as this situation evolves.

That being said, it’s a thoughtful gesture by the Colts organization to stick up for one of the franchise’s all-time great players amidst some serious allegations that initially appears to be founded on false legs.