Indianapolis Colts ‘Midseason’ Awards

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Oct 25, 2015; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck (12) warms up prior to the game against the New Orleans Saints at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

Biggest Disappointment: Andrew Luck

As Metallica would say “You know it’s sad but true”.

Despite his great game against Denver on Sunday, we cannot ignore the fact that Luck has been rather unsuccessful to this point in the season. He’s thrown a cool 12 interceptions and lost three fumbles, that totals out to just a shade over two turnovers a game.

I don’t care what anybody says that’s unacceptable for a quarterback like Luck, who is supremely talented. I know it’s hard to admit it, but at some point we have to realize that through nine games Luck has been a disappointment.

And now, Luck will be out for 2-6 weeks with a lacerated kidney and an abdominal tear. So best case scenario, he’ll be available to play in week 12, but I’m more inclined to lean towards the six week side, and the Colts are too. This would mean Luck would not return until week 15 or 16.

It’s not Luck’s fault he got hurt, but the nightmarish season for him looks like it will continue. Hopefully he’ll come back 100 percent from a possible playoffs push.

And yes, I was listening to Metallica when I wrote this, it seemed fitting based on the news of this week…