Colts at Texans: Behind Enemy Lines


The Indianapolis Colts face the Houston Texans on a short week this Thursday night. The Colts are hoping to set a record with their 16th straight win against the division, while the Texans are looking to rebound after a thrashing at the hands of Atlanta.

We spoke with the editor of Toro Times, Randy Gurzi, to get some inside info this week’s opponent.

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1. What is going on with the quarterback situation? It doesn’t seem like either QB really wants to take over the offense, but Ryan Mallett really hasn’t played well lately. What do you think should happen at the position?

Wow. That’s all I can say about this. I never thought either was a long-term starter but now both look like they don’t even want to be a short-term answer either.

I think if Tom Savage wasn’t on IR he would get a shot, because it is obvious Brian Hoyer and Ryan Mallett both can’t cut it. Mallett throws like he is aiming down and Hoyer throws like he is aiming for the opponent.

Honestly, I have no answer but if one of them doesn’t wake up soon it will be a long season.

I will say O’Brien is doing them no favors with how often he is dialing up the pass. It’s time to rely on running and protect whoever is back there from themselves.

2. Arian Foster has always been a difference maker against the Colts, but will be be healthy enough for a heavier workload this week?

I think he can be. He looked good on a couple of his catches and as bad as Sunday was, it could have been enough for him to shake off some rust.

Indy’s D-line invites the run, Houston just has to avoid falling behind…but they have fallen behind quickly every game so far this year.

3. What has the offense excelled at this season? Is there are area where the Texans feel like they have a clear advantage?

Nothing. I hate to be so blunt, but they have struggled in every facet offensively and they seem like they can’t find an identity. It feels like O’Brien wants that short, clock controlling pass game that he ran in New England, but he doesn’t have the players to do it. Or should I say he doesn’t have the passer to do it.

4. What has to happen for the Texans season to get back on track Thursday night? Is there a player who needs to step up for this team?

They have to run the ball and give their defense a break. I have been down on the secondary outside of Kevin Johnson and Rahim Moore. I feel like Kareem Jackson is vastly overrated and Johnathan Joseph has lost a step. They are being exposed now because they are on the field so often.

So offensively I would say Foster has to take this game over and reinsert himself as the leader of the team. If he takes over the game, he helps save the quarterback from himself and makes the defense look better too, both these are things I think he did last year.

5. What is your prediction for Thursday? Who wins and why?

I see Houston snapping out of their slump for some reason. I think they’re at a point where they can either give in and watch the ship sink or fight back and reel off a win or two. The team seems to fight for their coach and I think he finds a way to reach them.

Also in a short week, I think they will have to rely on Foster more and that will pay dividends. I predict Houston to win a close one behind a big day from Arian Foster.

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