Colts Season Preview: Weeks 1-4

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Week 2

New York Jets

The Jets have had a fun off-season. They signed Darrell Revis away from the Patriots, traded for Brandon Marshall, and Leonard Williams fell to the them in the draft. Then it all went down hill.

First Sheldon Richardson was suspended for four games due to substance abuse. Then he was arrested after driving at 143 mph, fleeing the cops, with a loaded gun in the car, and a small child in the back seat. That was followed up by a backup linebacker sucker punching starting quarterback Geno Smith in the jaw, shattering it and keeping him out for a few games.

With Smith out, that brings Ryan Fitzpatrick to the starting lineup. We last saw Fitzpatrick with a broken leg in Indianapolis with the Texans. The funny thing is that Fitzpatrick might be the better QB between him and Smith. But Fitzpatrick still rates as nothing more than a replacement level QB.

The offense is less scary than the Bills, even with a marginally better QB. Chris Ivory is an average running back (especially with a mediocre line), and a receiver tandem of Marshall and Eric Decker isn’t that scary.

Defensively, the Jets have a pretty good line (even without Richardson) and a talented secondary. That basically means that the middle range of the field should be open for the Colts to take advantage of.

Much like the Bills, the Colts will be able keep the Jets offense in check but will be tested on the other side of the ball.

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