Top-5 Greatest Colts Games of the Manning/Luck Era

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3. 2014 AFC Wild Card vs. Kansas City

Now I know I prefaced this by giving the hint “the dive”, but you could put “the comeback” and wouldn’t have made a difference. Coming into the Wild Card round versus the Chiefs the Colts were seen as the predominant favorites to win the game. Kansas City seemed to take this personally and they came out and completely obliterated the Colts throughout most of this contest. The Colts were down by 21 coming into the third quarter.

As the second half began, Andrew Luck did what he does best, he never gave up. As the Colts went down 38-10 early in the third quarter, Luck rallied the troops and brought them back to life as they clawed their way back into the football game.

Now down 41-31 with the ball at the Kansas City’s two yard line, the Colts ran it up the gut with Donald Brown, but Brown fumbled the ball before he could score. Luckily, Luck had the presence of mind to scoop the ball up and run it in, lunging for the goal line and scoring. This sent Lucas Oil Stadium into a frenzy and the Colts were now in the driver’s seat from a momentum standpoint.

This game was capped off with an perfect Luck pass to T.Y. Hilton for 64 yards and a touchdown, giving the Colts their first lead of the game and ultimately the win 45-44.

Luck would finish the game with 443 yards passing and four touchdowns to cement himself as the NFL’s king of the comeback.

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