Colts LinkStorm: Five Weeks Until Training Camp


The Indianapolis Colts, along with the rest of the NFL, are off until training camp in August. We’ve scoured the internet to get you all the Colts coverage that you crave during an actual dead period in the NFL “offseason.”

Over at CBS Sports, Pete Prisco gives us a list of the most overrated and underrated player on each NFL team. The Colts most overrated player, according to Prisco, is Frank Gore basically because he’s 32 and his numbers are falling.

He cites a drop from 4.7 per carry in 2012 down to 4.3 last season. That number is still better than the 3.3 that Trent Richardson averaged, or the 3.9 as a team. Prisco might be over estimating what the Colts expect from Gore. It also helps that Gore will face much fewer eight-man boxes than he did in San Francisco, due to opposing defenses focusing on the plethora of weapons downfield that Andrew Luck has to play with.

As for his most underrated, Prisco has left tackle Anthony Castonzo. This one I complete agree with as Castonzo falls into the very good category and is the one player on the offensive line who is rarely a liability.

At, Dave Dameshek broke down the All-AFC South team. The Colts, not surprisingly, dominated the players on the roster. They accounted for eight of the 22 starting spots and three more Colts headlined the special teams roster (with Phillip Dorsett taking the spot of returner, because he’s fast).

Unfortunately, the All-AFC South roster was ranked dead last among the other NFL divisions.

Over at Bleacher/Report, Kyle Rodriguez has been busy breaking down specific elements of the team. He starts off with an in-depth analysis of the offensive line and even breaks down who could be useful on the depth chart. His conclusion is that they likely have their “deepest and most versatile offensive line” in the Luck-era.

Rodriguez also takes a look at the Colts on third downs and breaks down why they have to get better (if that wasn’t obvious). Injuries over the past two seasons have caused the offensive efficiency to plummet, specifically injuries to Reggie Wayne in 2013 and Ahmad Bradshaw last year.

Over at, Kevin Bowen answers a number of fan questions in his mailbag column. In Wednesday’s column, fans asked about unsigned players, the development of a few rookies, and updates on Wayne.

In the weekend column, he gives an update on the health of linebacker Nate Irving, the contract status of the two unsigned rookies, and the keys to success in 2015. Bowen also admits that he isn’t allowed to see the Colts draft board, and it isn’t surprising that no one outside of the top brass is allowed to see it.

We’ll keep you up to date on all the Colts news as the summer progresses.