Colts Safety Mike Adams Ready for Another Great Season


Last season, the Indianapolis Colts were desperate for a safety who could replace longtime starter Antoine Bethea. They ended up settling on Mike Adams, a Denver cast off, to be a backup in case of emergency.

But Adams surprised the coaches by playing well enough to start, even at 33 years old. With yet another injury to Delano Howell, Adams locked down the start spot and did not disappoint. He earned his first Pro Bowl bid and was tied for most takeaways in the league.

Adams hadn’t changed the way he approached the game, but found new legs in Indianapolis and produced his best season in his 11th year in the league.

Adams was grateful for the opportunity to join the Colts, and they rewarded his outstanding play last season with a two-year deal worth nearly $5 million. Adams recently spoke with Stephen Holder from the Indy Star about his time with the Colts so far.

He’s not changing his approach and definitely isn’t attempting to match or top last season’s effort.

"“I’m not trying to (match last season),” he said. “The only thing I’m trying to do is, when a play comes my way, make that play. If somebody runs my way, make that tackle. Do whatever I have to do within the (confines) of the defense. I think that’s all I did last year.”“I didn’t do anything out of character,” he said of last season. “I didn’t go jump over somebody and make a crazy play. There was no Ed Reed play, where I jumped over somebody and made an interception. I didn’t do any of that. I just played within the defense.”"

While Adams might be tempering expectations for the coming year, coach Chuck Pagano believes he can have an even better season in 2015.

"“(With) another year in the system, he’s that much further along,” coach Chuck Pagano said. “So, I think some of the thinking is going to go away, and he’ll be able to play even faster and direct traffic even at a higher level.”"

Having a player who can see and make adjustments in the defense is key. With as much experience as Adams possesses along with his familiarity with the scheme, he’ll be able to make the audibles that were sorely lacking on defense last season.

Adams is at a point where he can help other players make adjustments, specifically safety Dwight Lowery.

"“It’s much easier for me now,” he said. “I’m able to help others. Not just tell them what to do. I can tell them why. I can tell (free safety) Dwight (Lowery) why we’re doing something. There’s a difference. I didn’t really understand that last year. That’s what a year does for you. It gives you a big edge.”"

Adams is 34, so expecting another Pro Bowl might be a bit of a stretch. But the way Adams played last season, there is no reason to expect a significant drop in his play in 2015.