Seven Weeks of Silence? Colts Fans Can Only Hope…


No News is Good News

It’s that time of year Colts fans. The period of hopeful silence between minicamp and training camp.  Why is it hopeful silence? Because unless the Colts make changes to their roster no news is good news. It is during this seven weeks that the only press players can receive is negative press.

Aside from roster transactions like trades, signings and players being waived, the only breaking stories in the media are of the DUI’s, domestic violence and every other boneheaded transgression. Every season coaches give their “don’t screw it up” speech and every year players go out and act a fool, get caught, arrested and then get suspended.

Most players should staying home and learn the playbook to improve themselves and more readily contribute to the team come training camp. Instead, a few “bad apples” will selfishly go out party and then get caught in ill-advised scenarios.

I’m not sure why, but it is as if players forget about things like taxis and Uber when it comes to these moments. Suddenly, there’s a report the next morning on Sport Center of some player getting a DUI or arguing with his significant other and being arrested for domestic violence. Next comes the suspensions and the epidemic of press releases until things settle down when training camp begins.

Is Deflate-gate Over?

We can only hope no off-field incidents occur this year. However, there is one news reports of interest remaining which is the result of: the Tom Brady deflate-gate appeal. Technically, deflate-gate is still relevant since NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is reviewing Brady’s appeal… Still. Since its been a while, I thought it would be a fun to review the events one last time through the perspective of one amazingly talented Colts fan who submitted the above video.

To any Patriots fans you have my condolences in advance, but let’s try to have a sense of humor here. Special thanks to Ed Hendel (@ColtsMavsFan318) for his hard work on this entertaining parody entitled “The Cheater.”