Andrew Luck’s Goal is to Cut Down on Turnovers


Andrew Luck is the future of the NFL at quarterback. He’s thrown more touchdowns in three seasons than any QB not named Dan Marino. Luck set the rookie record for passing yardage (thanks Bruce Arians’ vertical passing!). He’s gone a step further into the playoffs every season in the league and saved the Indianapolis Colts from a lengthy rebuilding process.

Luck has a lot going in his favor, but he’s also a bit turnover prone.

In 2014, Luck 16 interceptions during the regular season, and four more in the playoffs. Considering how many attempts Luck had (third in the NFL) he threw an interception on just 2.6 percent of his passes (15th in the NFL).

But those weren’t his only turnovers. Luck also fumbled the 13 times last year, losing eight of them. Most of these plays stemmed from Luck trying to do too much in the pocket, especially when he was already in the grasp of a defender.

Luck knows he has to do better and his top priority is to cut down on the turnovers in 2015. He spoke about this goal with the IndyStar’s Zak Keefer on Tuesday.

"“Your interception ratio is very important,” Luck said Tuesday before the Colts gathered for a three-day minicamp this week. “Cutting down turnovers is the No. 1 goal for myself as a quarterback.”The he added one more thing: “Besides the obvious of us winning a Super Bowl.”"

Luck has to become more patient and learn when to give up on a play. Whether that means throwing the ball away or eating a sack. Every quarterback has to learn this, even Peyton Manning had to learn patience and it wasn’t until his sixth season when we really started to see Manning’s interceptions drop.

Manning’s sacks also went down as he started getting rid of the ball faster, something Luck also needs to learn how to do.

Coach Chuck Pagano also spoke about how Luck can get better:

"“Gotta know when to say when,” coach Chuck Pagano said. “He’s learned that over the course of his first three years. He was really good two years ago. Little bit high on the turnover side this last year. (And) he knows that.”“He’s always trying to make a play, and everybody on the sideline is saying, ‘The down’s over,’ and he’s being tackled from behind and then he hits (Donte Moncrief) in stride for a touchdown pass,” Pagano said.“You’re like, no … no … no … OK. Good job.”"

Luck is well aware of what he needs to be doing. He even praised teammate Pat McAfee in the process.

"“It’s not OK to force the ball,” Luck said. “Take a sack, or let’s let the best punter in football go out there, or throw the ball away. Let’s play another down.”"

With a loaded offense, the expectations are high for the Colts and Luck. A repeat of last season will get the Colts to the playoffs, but to make the Super Bowl they’ll need an improved Luck at the helm.