Dwayne Allen Thinks Wide Receivers Will Help Tight Ends


The Indianapolis Colts have so many weapons on offense that keeping everyone happy might be the biggest problem for offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton. The Colts have an extremely deep wide receiving corps, two talented tight ends, and finally a reliable running back. They cap it all off with the future of the NFL at the QB position.

With potential Hall of Famer Andre Johnson, speedsters T.Y. Hilton and Phillip Dorsett, an improving Donte Moncrief, and potential talent Duron Carter its a wonder the Colts don’t just run a spread offense all season long. That could leave tight ends Dwayne Allen and Coby Fleener begging for passes.

Coach Chuck Pagano has already said that the team won’t abandon the two tight end sets, nor even the three tight end sets (for some unknown reason). It makes sense given how skilled both of the team’s tight ends are.

Fleener, when he’s focused, is simply bigger than any defensive back and faster than linebackers. Allen, when healthy, is a dominant pass catcher, especially in the red zone.

Allen believes that this influx of wide receivers will end up benefitting the tight ends this season. The IndyStar’s Stephen Holder talked to him about this very subject:

"“I think just having the threat of those guys outside, meaning the wide receivers, is going to open things up for the tight ends a ton,” Allen said.“We’re going to be able to change personnel on the fly and flip it on them,” Allen said. “If we go with three tight ends, (the defense) is going to be thinking run-heavy and then we can split out and pass it. Or, if we go 3-wide and one tight end, they’re going to be thinking pass but we’re able to run the ball there.“I think, especially having Andre opposite T.Y. and someone else with speed out there, whoever it may be, those defenses are going to have to play (deep) and respect that, period. Whenever they play back and those linebackers are dropping (into coverage), then Frank Gore is going to continue his 1,000-yard rushing streak. And, hey, I don’t mind catching a ball underneath and going to work.”"

Allen isn’t wrong either, opposing defenses will be forced to cover deep forcing linebackers into coverage against the Colts’ faster tight ends. Spreading out the opposing defense will open up the seam routes and help set up play action, where tight ends can feast.

Andrew Luck is going to have more than a couple options next season. And if someone can’t get open, Hamilton can put someone else on the field.