Colts Potential Defensive Depth Chart for 2015

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Strong Safety-

1. Mike Adams

2. Colt Anderson

Free Safety-

1. Dwight Lowery

2. Clayton Geathers

3. Winston Guy/Dewey Mcdonald

The safety position is another area of need that wasn’t adequately filled during this off season. It is more like a band aid for now. Mike Adams is a good starter for the time being, but no one knows how much he really has left in the tank. The Colts should have addressed safety earlier on in the draft (and had an opportunity to do so). Geathers could develop into a potential starter but who knows at this point. Lowery might be fine for now, but more could have done to shore up this position. But with the options they had at that point in free agency, Lowery was the best choice. Guy or McDonald have a serious chance of making the roster especially as special teams players.