Colts Potential Offensive Depth Chart for 2015

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Wide Receiver:

1. T.Y. Hilton   2. Donte Moncrief    5. Griff Whalen/Duron Carter

1. Andre Johnson   3. Phillip Dorsett

Let me start by saying #FEEDMONCRIEF.

This will also be a very good positional battle to watch. With the two wide out spots locked down with the former Texan Johnson and “The Ghost” Hilton. The third spot many say will be a fight between Moncrief and Dorsett, but I think that Moncrief is the clear cut choice.

Moncrief, standing at 6’2″ 221 lbs, is poised for a monster breakout season as soon as he is given the chance. He will be a solid third wide receiver and should definitely get majority of the snaps ahead of Dorsett.

So once again…. #FEEDMONCRIEF.

The fifth wideout spot will be a little tougher this year with the newcomer Carter and Whalen battling it out. However, no one really knows what Carter will be able to do in the NFL. If he performs well in the offseason, he very well could take that last spot. But if he still seems like a work in progress, I think the Colts will go with who they know best in Whalen.

Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports