Colts Propose Bizarre Scoring Rule at Competition Committee


NFL teams will meet next week to address the rule book at the Competition Committee and a number of interesting proposals will be made to improve the game. Maybe its an effort to improve scoring or to make the ending of close games more exciting, but the rule change the Indianapolis Colts have proposed seems awfully odd.

According to Pro Football Talk, the Colts have suggested that teams would be able to try for a bonus points after a successful two-point conversion. The so called bonus point would be in the form of a 50-yard field goal attempt. If the kick is good, a team would have earned nine points.

Its been awhile since significant changes to the way scoring is done in the NFL has been brought up, but its an interesting idea. It would drastically change the strategy at the end of close games and could have an impact in the middle of a game as well.

There is very little chance that the proposal would actually be implemented.

Another more likely rule change will be proposed as well.

This is very interesting as the Colts have kept the roof closed at Lucas Oil Stadium more often than not. While the weather is sometimes an issue, a bigger problem has been the lighting on the field. The angle of the open roof creates shadows on the field that make the game more difficult for the players (specifically wide receivers) and the fans (as it causes problems with the cameras).

Allowing the roof to be opened at halftime would help with this lighting issue for the first few months of the season.

The most important outcome we can hope for from the Competition Committee meeting is finally learning what actually constitutes a catch before next season.