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From Colts, 49ers Frank Gore Looking for $4M a Year


According to CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora, soon-to-be San Francisco 49ers free agent running back Frank Gore is looking for a new contract that pays him $4 million annually from the Indianapolis Colts or any other interested suitor:

"Sounds like 49ers offensive lineman Mike Iupati, in what is a very weak class of free-agent linemen, is primed to do very well. … Heard Frank Gore is seeking $4M a year on a new deal — people around the league believe his best (only?) shot to get that is back with San Francisco. …"

While NFL Analyst Matt Miller of Bleacher Report previously said that early indications around league circles was that Frank Gore was a “shoe-in” to land with the Indianapolis Colts, La Canfora’s piece seems to somewhat contradict that, at least at Gore’s current $4 million per year asking price. He indicates that only the San Francisco 49ers, his current team, would be able to meet that contract demand. It was noted earlier in this week that the 49ers brass still has strong interest in possibly bringing Gore back.

December 20, 2014; Santa Clara, CA, USA; San Francisco 49ers running back Frank Gore (21) before the game against the San Diego Chargers at Levi

We’ve noted previously that the 10-year veteran running back “makes a lot of sense for the Colts” on a short-term deal. If his asking price is indeed only $4 million annually, it even makes more sense to me on presumably a 1-2 year contract. For Frank Gore, it would be a bit of a bargain contract, considering he made $6.45M last season.

Even though Gore will turn 32 in May, he still had a highly productive season as the 49ers lead running back, rushing for 1,106 rushing yards on 255 carries for a 4.3 ypc average. He’s been one of the most consistently productive and durable running backs in NFL history. He’s only missed 1 start for the 49ers in the past 4 seasons and has rushed for over 1,000 rushing yards in 8 of his 10 seasons in the NFL.

Even comparing him to some of the best 32 year old running backs seasons in NFL history, and Gore’s 31 year old campaign still compares quite favorably. While he won’t presumably have the luxury of a power-running offensive line with the Colts, he’d still give the team a clear-cut featureback, and a running back who would give them a presence in between the tackles.

Gore figures to have at least 1 or 2 highly productive seasons left in him. Anymore additional years may be asking for trouble however given the physical demands of the position and the heavy mileage on his tires: