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5 Reasons Why The Colts Marvin Harrison Belongs in Hall of Fame

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Number 1: Numbers Don’t Lie

Compared to his modern-day Hall of Fame wideout contemporaries, Marvin Harrison has just as good of numbers if not largely  better in less seasons (with the exception of Michael Irvin season’s wise). He has more receptions and receiving yards than anyone of this group, and just 2 less touchdowns than Cris Carter, who played 5 more seasons than Harrison.

While somehow 8th-year ballot-er Andre Reed shockingly received the wide receiver nod over Marvin Harrison last year in the Hall of Fame voting process, during Harrison’s 1st-year on the ballot. This year, there are really no legitimate excuses for #88’s omission.

The only other wideout among finalists this year is Tim Brown, but it would be the biggest heist since well last year, that Harrison didn’t make the Hall of Fame. That’s no disrespect to Brown, who was a great wide receiver in his own right, but he wasn’t close to Harrison. His 1,070 receptions and 100 career touchdowns pale in comparison to Harrison, despite playing in 4 more seasons. While Brown sits at 14,734 receiving yards, which tops Harrison’s 14,580 receiving yards, it’s not by much given his aforementioned extra longevity.

Additionally, per’s Elliot Harrison, regarding Harrison’s unworldly numbers:

"“Harrison simply has ridiculous numbers. Take your pick: 143 catches in one season, eight straight seasons with at least 1,100 yards and 10 touchdowns, and the third-most catches in league history (1,102). If it’s simply about stats with him, then this should be an easy choice.”"